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“Now You Can Find It!” Wireless Electronic Locator

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When an item is lost, press its corresponding button on the portable radio frequency transmitter base and carry it from room to room. The receiver disc flashes and beeps with varied cadence when the base gets within 40 feet of the lost item.Includes eight RF receiver flashing beeper discs that can be secured to virtually any elusive object.
Helps find commonly misplace items, such as keys, eyeglass case, cell phone, TV remote, etc.
Write a name or place an ID sticker for each item opposite its color-coded button on the portable base. (Comes with two sheets of colorful ID stickers). Attach flashing beeper disc using its keyring or double-sided adhesive pad.
Comes with a magnetic mounting bracket that attaches to a metal surface such as a refrigerator, etc.
Each of the eight discs uses one lithium coin-cell battery (included). Bases runs on (2) AAA Batteries (not included).

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