LIMITED PROMO TENOR Professional Metal Guitar Foot Rest, Sturdy Guitar Foot Stool, Guitar Support for Healthier and Comfortable Playing for Classical, Flamenco, Acoustic or Electric Guitar Players

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B>From the Manufacturer:
Solid construction, stout and sturdy, surfaced with high quality rubber pad. 8 level height adjustment for a more precise angle and healthy sitting posture.

Forget about back and muscle aches caused by long practicing sessions with our MOST POPULAR TFRM Footstool!

Whether you’re just starting to play, playing in concert halls or recording in a studio, choose our Top-Quality Footstool and just focus on your Music!

TENOR is a Boutique Brand devoted to the innovative development and distribution of the finest gear and accessories for guitar players, specializing in Classical, Flamenco, Acoustic guitars and Ukuleles.
With TENOR’s three decades of experience and innovation, our products are guaranteed to be leading in the category.
Among TENOR’s products you will find:
Guitar String Tie
Ukulele String Tie
Sturdy Professional Metal Guitar Foot Rest
Guitar Support
Beautiful Wooden Foot Stool
Wooden Handcrafted String Winders
Wooden Handcrafted Guitar Capo
Universal Guitar Protector/Unique Guitar cover
Four Level Nail File
Solid Tuning Pegs/Tuning Keys for Classical, Flamenco and Acoustic Guitars,
Solid Machine Heads for Acoustic Guitars.

Tenor luthiers are attentive to the finest details and work hard to bring you the ultimate Acoustic, Classical and Flamenco guitar gear.THE HEALTHY CHOICE: Forget about back and muscle aches caused by long practicing sessions! Tenor’s TFRM Footstool provides you with a healthier sitting posture! Adjust it to your physiological attributes and enjoy a painless and effortless playing experience!
THE RELIABLE CHOICE: Solid Construction, Stout and Sturdy! – it’s doesn’t move, wobble or slip away. Each Footstool is surfaced with high quality rubber pad to make sure that your foot won’t slide and your body remains stable.
THE DIVERSE CHOICE: 8 Level Height Adjustment! The adjustable leg and the Extension-Piece lock firmly in each of the four slots to achieve the perfect angle for you. Useful for elevating the right or left foot, Tenor’s TFRM Footstool is the most varied and adjustable footstool available.
THE COMFORTABLE CHOICE Simple, efficient and easy to use, no instructions needed. The adjustable legs lock nicely into the slots. Easily folding, light and portable, fits most guitar cases.
SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: WE ARE HERE TO HELP! At TENOR MUSIC We are CRAZY about our customers and we’ll do everything to guarantee your satisfaction with our products and your buying experience. If for any reason you need to return an Item, we offer a full refund – no questions asked! Add our TFRM FOOTSTOOL to your cart and order with FULL CONFIDENCE!

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