(DOUBLE PACK) Android USB Galaxy LG Motorola Droid G3 G4 S3 S4 S5 PDA Kindle Nook Tablet charger cord coil protection Stainless Steel heat shielded

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Android USB Galaxy LG Tablet charger cord coil protection Stainless Steel Simple Solutions has designed the ultimate SIMPLE solution to the to your Android splitting needs. Let me ask this question, how many chargers have you gone through since owning your device? 5? 10? Lets say the average is 5 on an average of about $22 a charger a WHOPPING $110 on chargers with some phone companies thats a BRAND NEW model Iphone (with a 2 year contract of course lol) Chargers don’t actually malfunction they rip at the connector end (usually the side that goes IN the device) Save yourself the head ache of not being able to charge your phone until you can get to a store. Our product is made from 100% stainless steel, heat treated with not only withstand heat (because lets face it when we use our devices WHILE charging the HEAT up) but also they are coated to never get hot themselves, after all who wants to get burned on metal while charging their phone during use. now not alot of people are having issue with BOTH sides of their charger BUT if you are, please check out my other listing for a double pack at a discounted rate. Fits Charger for EVERY device (other then Apple thats in a different listing) DOUBLE PACKGalaxy

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