Banjo Brothers Grocery Pannier



Banjo Brothers 01080 Grocery Pannier fits standard grocery bags like a glove. It works equally well with plastic bags, or even by itself with built-in shoulder strap and handles. They fold flat when you aren’t carrying your dinner and are built to last. The have a 1100 cubic inch capacity or one brown paper grocery bag. The ripstop front and sides are made with ballistic fabric in high-wear areas, and the pannier has an adjustable quick-attach elastic attachment. The plated-steel frame and rigid polymer liner prevent sagging.1100 Cubic Inch Capacity or One Brown Paper Grocery Bag
Ripstop Front and Sides with Ballistic Fabric in High-Wear Areas
Adjustable Quick-Attach Elastic Attachment
Plated-Steel Frame and Rigid Polymer Liner Prevent Sagging
Includes Shoulder Strap and Handles

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